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WaPo actually runs a pro-concealed carry piece? Not really...

Today the Washington Post ran a story about a man that attempted to kill a 7-Eleven clerk with a hatchet.    Luckily for everyone involved, minus the man with the hatchet, a customer was carrying his firearm and was able to protect himself, the clerk and potentially anyone else that may have wondered in during this crime.    It appears to be a picture perfect example of why being able to carry a concealed weapon is so important.   While the Post did highlight some positives of concealed carry, it couldn't resist to bring up the other side of the argument several times.    For every good point it had, it countered with one or more bad points, including links to other stories that tries to show that concealed-carry isn't all that good.   In fact, every link throughout the article and in the 'Read More' section after the article links to stories of concealed-carry mishaps.    While that isn't really surprising, I guess it is surprising that they at least ran the story in the first place.    Many times when the good guys defend themselves the story is no where to be found.

WaPo: Concealed-weapon owner shoots hatchet-wielding attacker in Wash. 7-Eleven


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