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IWB Holster Belt Clips

Each IWB holster ships with 1 pair of Heavy Duty clips (installed) and 1 pair of J-Hooks.  

Heavy Duty Belt Clips

Our 'Heavy Duty' belt clip provides a very secure attachment to your belt.   They clip over your belt and have a small barb that hooks under your belt to ensure they don't slip.    Our 'Heavy Duty' belt clip specifications are below.

Firewall Belt Clips

Heavy Duty Belt Clip Specifications:
Strong and secure!
Belt Size – Up to 2″ Inches
Clip Width – 1-1/4″ Inches
Clip Length – 2-7/8″ Inches
Black Oxide Finish

J-Hook Belt Clips

Our 'J-Hook' style belt clips are designed to be concealed.  These clips go over your pants waistband (instead of your belt), goes down behind your belt and then hooks out and up around the bottom of your belt. The hook under the belt prevents the holster from being pulled out of your pants while drawing your weapon. These are not as secure as our 'Heavy Duty' belt clips but they are more concealed and are a favorite among many concealed carriers.  Our 'J-Hook' style belt clip specifications are below.

J-Hook Belt Clip Specifications:
For ultimate concealment!
Belt Size – Up to 1-7/8″ Inches
Clip Width – 7/8″ Inches
Clip Length – 2-1/2″ Inches
Black Oxide Finish