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Why Choose a Firewall Holsters IWB Holster? 

Firewall Holsters manufactures inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters that are designed to be comfortable, durable and concealable. We believe you should not have to sacrifice comfort to carry every day. We solely focus on IWB holsters allowing us to deliver our products quickly and at a lower cost than our competitors. 


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Our holsters are made with top-quality materials from all over the United States.  We are continuously researching and testing new materials and vendors to ensure our holsters use only the finest materials available.


We use domestic cowhide leather from a U.S. based tannery that has been in business for over 120 years.    We purchase the highest graded cowhides available from the tannery to ensure top-quality holster backings.    Our IWB holster backings are made from heavy 10-12 oz English Bridle cowhides.   The leather is drum dyed and impregnated with waxes and oils to create a durable yet flexible leather.   The color is sealed and finished with a wax coat and acrylic finish.   All holster backings are die-cut to ensure a clean, uniformed look and feel.


Our shells are made of an acrylic polyvinyl chloride material named Kydex.   Kydex .080 is an extremely strong thermoplastic that is waterproof, scratch resistant and has very little friction.     Each holster shell is molded for a particular firearm model which provides a level of retention that will keep your firearm securely seated in your holster but can be easily drawn when needed.   Other uses for Kydex include truck cargo liners, safety helmets and kick plates.


We use high quality steel screws, t-nuts and finishing washers with a black oxide finish to attach the Kydex and belt clips to the leather.   The holsters are assembled using a 8/32″ short arm hex key (included).   All of the hardware can be removed for adjustments and cleaning.